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Master Mostafa Sabeti

  • Black Belt
    5th Degree
  • 22 years
  • 4x World
  • Head coach and manager of
    Kung-Fu Team Canada National Team

When I was 10 years old my father registered me in karate school. It was my first experience with martial arts and I enjoyed it very much. Little did I know that what started out as a hobby would become life changing!

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I started first with karate (kan zen rio) studying with Shihan Hasan Shaafei and Shihan Hosein Shaafei. Both were great martial artists and excellent coaches. I practiced karate for 1 year and decided I would like to try something with more action. At the age of 11 I began to study Kung Fu with Master Majid Gazeranei at Amar Kung Fu Academy. I enjoyed it so much that I eventually received my black belt.

After four years, I decided to try another martial arts discipline recently brought back from Japan by my former coach Shihan Shaafei. He introduced me to Seido Kay kan karate. I continued my studies until I received my 2nd degree black belt and referee certificate. During this time I also participated in several full contact tournaments and won many awards and trophies.

When I was 18 years old I received 2nd place in a national full contact karate tournament by winning 3 out of 4 fights – losing only to Iran’s top kickboxing champion. His technique and fitness were superior to mine, so I knew I had more work to do! I began to study with Grand Master Satar Aliour, as well as with Master Satar, and was successful in winning many more tournaments. I am forever thankful for their excellent training and support!

I immigrated to Canada from Iran in 2006. After arriving in Canada, I started teaching martial arts. Since then, I have been competing in local as well as and International tournaments. I represented Team Canada in the World Championship that was held in Germany in 2011 and won a Silver medal.

Because of a shoulder injury I took leave from tournaments and serious training for several years, but I always wanted to go back to fighting again. It is important to me to teach my son and my students that they shouldn’t give up under any circumstances. So I started my training again from a very low level of intensity then increased the level until I started to get back to “fighting shape”.

Finally in 2018, I participated in the IKF Kickboxing World Championship as a representative of Canada. At age 37, I won the Mens World Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship.


International Kickboxing Federation World Championship, Heavyweight Division. 2018

Four times Silver medal in World Championships: USA 2007, USA 2008, USA 2010, GERMANY 2011

All Canada Kickboxing Champion, and record-holder for fastest knock out in national selection team history: Montreal 2011

World Champion and the best technical fighter: CANADA 2002

Bronze medal in World championship: BELGIUM 2003

Three times International Champion: Turkey 2001, Turkmenistan 2002, and Italy 2005

Ten Times Iranian Champion in several competitions and various martial arts disciplines: Kung Fu, Wushu, Karate, Full Contact, and Kickboxing

Black Belt 5th Degree

International ‘A’ Coaching Certificate in WKO, SKF, IKF, and WKA

International Judging Certificate from WKA & WKO

Coached students from my school in IRAN and CANADA to 3 times Provincial and National Championships.

Sensei Solmaz Sabeti

  • Black Belt
  • 15 years

My name is Solmaz Sabeti. When I was 21 years old I married Mostafa Sabeti, and as we began our new life together I started studying Martial Arts with him. During the past several years, we have travelled together around the world to participate in many tournaments.

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One of the biggest benefits I have experienced in my Martial Arts training has been the self-confidence that I have gained in the course of my training. Also, I have found Martial Arts training to be one of the best and most fun workouts that I have ever had. As a result of my training, I now have my black belt certificate from the Iranian Martial Arts Federation, and I also have achieved my coaching and judging certifications.

Now I am teaching at the Golden Glory Martial Arts Academy. I love my job because I get to work with kids and see them gain confidence, discipline and improved physical fitness, not to mention the joy I get from seeing them have fun and make friends with other people who have similar interests.

Shain Brooks

  • IKF Black Belt
  • 5 years

My name is Shain Brooks and my goal is to be able bring value to everyone I meet through Health & Fitness and to continue to grow my knowledge so that I may be able to bring as much as possible to this wonderful community.

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I am also certified in the following:

– Nasm PT Certified
– Kettlebell Certified
– Nutrition Coach
– TRX Certified

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Amazing place! You’ll learn lots and get a great exercise while doing so. The owner, Mustafa, is the best teacher you could ask for and is very knowledgeable in martial arts and never fails to give participants an exciting and worth while class. I’ve been here for 3 three years and couldn’t recommend it more!

Golden Glory Fitness Academy Google Reviews
Quality Training Facility! Mostafa is an Awesome guy, Great Teacher and Skilled Martial Artist. I appreciate the Family Atmosphere, Skill Development and Overall Good Vibe! Highly Recommended for Anyone of Any Age or Skill Level.

Golden Glory Fitness Academy Google Reviews
Golden glory was amazing for my children. All the teacher are attentive and invested in the kids. You can really tell they believe in what they teach. Since attending my kids have gained so much confidence.

Golden Glory Fitness Academy Google Reviews
I joined golden glory 4 months ago and have been extremely satisfied in my experience thus far. It has helped me achieve my fitness goals and also given me the confidence to pursue more challenges. Mostafa is a very kind and knowledgeable sensei who helps you pursue your goals. I would highly recommend golden glory!!!

Golden Glory Fitness Academy Google Reviews
An amazing full-body workout! Every workout is completely different, so you are always being challenged physically as well as mentally. It is a great confidence booster!!!

Golden Glory Fitness Academy Google Reviews
A fantastic place! Our eldest son went for several years and loved it! Now our younger 2 boys are going. They love it! We highly recommend

Golden Glory Fitness Academy Google Reviews
Great place to get into REAL shape! Bring your kids here too. I have noticed a difference in strength just after a couple of weeks of training. If you need a challenge, this is the place with a notch coach!

Golden Glory Fitness Academy Google Reviews
– ALEX –
A fantastic martial arts facility! Our 7 year old son joined Golden Glory a few years ago and it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for his physical and mental well-being. Mostafa is an extremely dedicated and passionate instructor who immediately puts his students at ease, both children and adult learners. The whole team at Golden Glory creates a very positive, safe and fun environment for the children while still challenging them and improving their self discipline and confidence. Having tried some other local facilities, Golden Glory offers the best in terms of class structure/format, calibre of instructors, and overall teaching philosophy.

Golden Glory Fitness Academy Google Reviews
– M –
Great facilities, a family friendly atmosphere and amazing coaching -focusing on skills, strength and accountability. Joining was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Master mostafa is highly professional and a great coach and mentor. Love the gym atmosphere, intense workout and friendly team mates. Highly recommend this place.

Golden Glory Fitness Academy Google Reviews
Really appreciate the excellent training from a skilled instructor, Mostafa and those he has trained. Very family friendly gym and challenging for those who want to improve their skill. Thank you.

Golden Glory Fitness Academy Google Reviews
– DAN –

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