Congratulations B.C Taekwondo Master Cup Champion Master Mostafa !

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Thank you Aimee McDonald for this writeup!

I am a student of Master Mostafa Sabeti at Golden Glory Martial Arts Academy. I know you have been following his fight career over the last few years. Master Sabeti was injured in the World Champions last year in the final fight for the gold metal. As a result of that injury, he had surgery to repair the damage to his shoulder. He has been unable to train in kickboxing because of his recovery, so 3 weeks ago he began training in Taekwondo as this style of martial arts involves mostly lower body moves such as kicking. On October 13th 2012 Master Sabeti entered the B.C. Taekwondo Master Cup Championship. Out of this winning pool they pick team members for the National Team. He fought in the heavy weight division and won. He will now fight in the National Team selection. A victory here could lead to a possible Olympic team tryout for Rio 2016 . This has been a very exciting year for Master Mostafa as he and his wife Solmaz welcomed his son Arya born May 4th 2012. He is working hard to make him proud of his papa. As always he appreciates your interest in his career as a Canadian fighter.

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