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W. Bruce

“If you are looking for the perfect personal trainer…that would be Mostafa Sabeti. Mostafa will provide you with workouts that will give you the results that you are looking for while making your exercise program fun. His workouts incorporate martial arts, strength training, cardio, balance exercises and flexibility in a variety of ways so that they never become boring. His knowledge, professionalism and credentials are so very impressive, but his personal attention and his cheerful, caring manner are unbeatable. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious as he coaches and directs me in doing my exercises properly, and he supports me in meeting my fitness goals. Mostafa is an absolute delight to work with, and I highly recommend him. I know that I could never obtain the same results without his guidance, encouragement and support. Thank you, Mostafa for accompanying me on my journey to become a happier, healthier and stronger person.”

Eamonn Morris:

I have had the absolute pleasure of working out with Mostafa Sabeti for the past several months. During that time he has proven himself to be extremely reliable, patient and unfailingly supportive. As a result of his encouragement and wealth of knowledge and experience I am in much better physical shape and have learned many new techniques. Anyone who has the opportunity to train with Mostafa will feel very fortunate.


Dr. M. Soraya:

We first met Sensei Mostafa through the Iranian community. Initially, he taught our children martial arts. After a year we asked sensei to also teach my husband and I. Mostafa came to our home twice weekly to teach us as a family. He was punctual and reliable. Mostafa always had a smile on his face and his warm positive personality motivated the entire family. He trained us, strengthened our bodies and taught us flexibility and endurance. Since then he has become a part of the family, we have the greatest love and admiration for him. My husband and I highly recommend him and wish him the best.

S. Ejadi:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sensei Mostafa for the last 2 years. I met him through a friend who had him teach her family martial arts. I was very interested in self defense and self discipline, for both myself and my children. His encouragement and enthusiasm made our lessons enjoyable and successful. We are healthy, happy and energized. We value the time Sensei Mostafa has spent with us!

Kelly Bahi:

I have been training on my own for well over 12 years. I planned out my own workouts and did what I thought would be good for me based off of knowledge I collected out of books, the internet and through friends. But I did not realize what I was missing out on until I met Mostafa. Having Mostafa as a personal trainer has been wonderful for me in many ways:

– he pushes me every session to go beyond my limits, I thought I was doing this on my own but I was wrong
– he makes every session interesting and different so I never know what to expect
– he analyzes your body and figures out where you need to improve and where you need to maintain

Before you know it you see your body changing in the mirror, suddenly your cloths fit differently. For me I actually was putting in the same amount of time on my own as I did with Mostafa and the results I achieved with him I did not achieve over years of training on my own.

Mostafa is also very accommodating if you have to change training times even at the last minute he will try to make things work. Lastly and most importantly to me he is one of the nicest guys I know. My whole family trains with him including my two younger daughters that are 3 and 6, they can’t get enough of him and he is great with them.

If you sign up for training with Mostafa you are signing up for results, guaranteed!!!