Womens Kickboxing

Your New Beginning

Kickboxing for Women is a fat-burning, muscle-building workout that merges fitness with self-defense techniques. Jabs, hooks, uppercuts and roundhouse kicks are the start of a series of self-improvement techniques which will leave you stronger and more agile than you were before. You will quickly discover that flexibility, a lean body mass and improved fitness will positively affect your other sports and daily activities.womens kickboxing

Benefits of Kickboxing for Women

Women contribute substantial value and input to our programs at the Golden Glory Academy and are an inspiration for girls in our training programs. If you are a motivated woman who wants a place to express your valuable qualities of strength, commitment and leadership, then join us to see what we offer in return to help you in your endeavor.

Now is the Time

Today is the best time to make a positive change in your life. Discover why Kickboxing for Women is your answer to a defined body and refined mind. By attending our martial arts classes 2 to 3 times a week, you will improve your overall health and fitness levels which will ultimately reflect in a greater and a more confident you.

  • Be more fit!
  • Develop empowering skills!
  • Be able to defend yourself if you ever have to!
  • Look forward to fun, exciting and motivating workouts!
  • Lose weight!
  • Decrease body fat and increase lean muscle mass!
  • Develop a body that people notice!
  • Experience increased energy levels!
  • Undergo a positive physical and metaphysical transformation!
  • Feel more confident!

You won’t feel intimidated like you might at other martial arts gyms. Everyone is friendly and welcoming — and our Coaches genuinely care about your progress. We’ll start you at the appropriate level and work with you at your own pace. Our coaches take the time to teach you proper technique and minimize injury.

Check out our schedule of classes in South Surrey and contact us today.