Personal Training

We offer Personal Fitness Training and Martial Arts Packages to meet your fitness objectives. Combine a Personal training session with a group class and make rapid progress towards your goals. You will get individual attention during your training session.

Like training with a friend or partner? personal_training_surreyWe can train two people together — you will both get individualized attention during this time. With “Doubles” personal training, you will get a discounted rate and have fun with someone you know.

Family Personal Training:

We train families with children at a family rate. The best way to equip your children with a healthy lifestyle and ensure it is carried forward into adulthood is to show them how. Training together, as a family, can instill those healthy patterns. NOTE: The age of children in the program is related to their ability to follow instructions and understand fitness & Martial Arts equipment safety. We have trained children as young as 5 together with their family members. Contact Sensei Mostafa for a free consultation.