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Year-end message from Master Mostafa

newsletter_collageHi everyone,

I’d like to start with warm greetings and wishes for Christmas and the holiday season. Also, thank you to all of my students and their parents who came in 2016 and participated in our classes. We had lots of good memories and moments in 2016.

Our students have been very busy and successful in training and tournaments. We participated and got first place in the West Coast Martial Arts Tournament in October. We had 5 golds,1 silver and 1 bronze. In July our 3 ring fighters did a very great job and 2 of them won their ring fights. Also for very first time one of my students, Matteo Rawlings, made Team Canada and participated in the World Championship in Ireland and won 2 Bronze medals for Canada.

Also we had a very successful Annual Golden Glory tournament with more than 60 kids. All of them did a great job.

We are working so hard to expand our location to a bigger and better facility in 2017. I appreciate every one for being patient with us. I hope in the next year or so we will make a great Martial Arts and Fitness Center in South Surrey. With the great potential we already have here, we aim to create a better and stronger community and be able to take a few Canadian titles. Long term I’d like to see Golden Glory students in International tournaments also.

On behalf of my family and the Golden Glory staff, all the best to you in the New Year.

Master Mostafa

Kickboxing Tournament Featured in School Newsletter


Competitions in October 2015

fight_prepWe had a busy month for our Fighters in Golden Glory, first we had our kids and youth in first two weeks of October competing in West Coast Canada, then Davie Kittel, and our big boy Cameron D. Carr competing. Thank you Dave Nolan for awesome help, and big thanks to Kur Paul Minhas for making our team unbelievable!

I am so proud of all of my students who competed in October and gave their best. They made another glory day for Golden Glory Martial Arts! We won Big Gold medal in BJJ, 1 gold and 3 bronze in fighting and 1 silver and one bronze in form. One of our other fighters won a Gold medal in B.C Taekwondo. WOW I am so proud of all of you: Cameron D. Carr, Justin Eng, Amanda Eng, Scot, Trevor, Gabril, and Matteo you did an amazing job. Ous!

 And we did it !!! Great job Cameron D. Carr, you are B.C Heavyweight Champ now. Thank you Dave Nolan for awesome help, and big thanks to Kur Paul Minhas for making our team unbelievable!

And we did it !!! Great job Cameron D. Carr, you are B.C heavy weight champ now.


Davie did an awesome job, I am so proud of him. He lost to decision, but he did a great job for his first fight.

Halloween Party at Golden Glory

We had a great Halloween party this year, thanks everyone for make it a great party!

Kids Karate gallery

We had a great time for our very first graduation at Academics Pre-school today. We are so proud to all of our students who got their yellow belts today. Ous.

Announcing the opening of our second location in Surrey!

Hello Everyone,

Golden Glory is proud to announce the opening of our second location in Surrey, BC.

Located inside the Excellent Ice facility near 152nd Street and #10 hwy, our 2000 Square foot training facility will be a welcomed choice for our students in the Panorama area.

Please feel free to contact me if you know anyone, or are interested in training at this location. Also keep an eye out for the Golden Glory Panorama Schedule on our website very soon.

Thank you for your support in helping make Golden Glory, South Surrey’s premier fitness and martial arts academy.

New Panorama Classes
Fighter Fit / Full Body Conditioning
Beginner Kick Boxing and Stretch
Cardio Kick Boxing
Self Defense Techniques

Mostafa Sabeti
Golden Glory Panorama
15000 54A Ave
Surrey, BC V3S 5X7

Holiday Schedule for Martial Arts Classes in South Surrey / White Rock