Corporate Fitness Programs

It is recognized that healthy and fit employees are more able to perform at their optimum. Healthy employees also experience fewer illnesses and absences from the workplace, and these employees are generally more productive and help to contribute to a healthy workplace culture.

As a fitness professional, I have developed onsite fitness programs tailored to employees’ specific work schedules and fitness levels. Alternatively, the use of my gym facility in south Surrey, which has established fitness classes, is available for offsite training during scheduled public classes or in private sessions, as per your preference.

Master Mostafa Sabeti, Owner of Golden Glory Martial Arts AcademyMy qualifications include a 5th Degree Black Belt, Kickboxing World Champion and All-Canada Champion. As the owner and head Instructor of Golden Glory Fitness and Martial Arts Academy, I have been training and motivating people for the past 15 years, helping my students to achieve their personal fitness goals such as weight loss, muscle toning, self defence capability, increased cardiovascular performance, improved flexibility, and overall fitness.

A typical workout starts with a warm up which includes appropriate stretching, then moves into interval cardio and strength training, and concludes with a cool down session. Although the foundation of our program is martial arts, specifically self-defense and kick boxing, the major emphasis is on improving flexibility, building cardiovascular capacity, and having fun using a non-confrontational format. For those wishing to develop competency in the martial arts, such as progression through technical belt levels, a program can easily be developed to meet this specific training goal.

I would be delighted to meet with you and share my enthusiasm and ideas for these programs and what they can do for you and your staff. Call 778-836-4807 or contact me by email.