Master Mostafa Sabeti

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My background:

When I was 10 years old my father registered me in karate school.  It was my first experience with martial arts and I enjoyed it very much.  Little did I know that what started out as a hobby would become life changing!

I started first with karate (kan zen rio) studying with Shihan Hasan Shaafei and Shihan Hosein Shaafei.  Both were great martial artists and excellent coaches.  I practiced karate for 1 year and decided I would like to try something with more action.  At the age of 11 I began to study Kung Fu with Master Majid Gazeranei at Amar Kung Fu Academy.  I enjoyed it so much that I eventually received my black belt.

After four years, I decided to try another martial arts discipline recently brought back from Japan by my former coach Shihan Shaafei.  He introduced me to Seido Kay kan karate.  I continued my studies until I received my 2nd degree black belt and referee certificate.  During this time I also participated in several full contact tournaments and won many awards and trophies.

When I was 18 years old I received 2nd place in a national full contact karate tournament by winning 3 out of 4 fights – losing only to Iran’s top kickboxing champion.  His technique and fitness were superior to mine, so I knew I had more work to do! I began to study with Grand Master Satar Aliour, as well as with Master Satar, and was successful in winning many more tournaments. I am forever thankful for their excellent training and support!

I immigrated to Canada from Iran in 2006. After arriving in Canada, I started teaching martial arts. Since then, I have been competing in local as well as and International tournaments. I represented Team Canada in the World Championship that was held in Germany in 2011 and won a Silver medal.

Because of a shoulder injury I took leave from tournaments and serious training for several years, but I always wanted to go back to fighting again. It is important to me to teach my son and my students that they shouldn’t give up under any circumstances. So I started my training again from a very low level of intensity then increased the level until I started to get back to “fighting shape”.

Finally in 2018, I participated in the IKF Kickboxing World Championship as a representative of Canada. At age 37, I won the Mens World Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship.

Thanks to my trainers, and to the unwavering support of my parents, my wife Solmaz and brother Amin, I can proudly list some of my achievements earned thus far:


Mostafa Sabeti, 2018 IKF Heavyweight World Champion

International Kickboxing Federation World Championship, Heavyweight Division. 2018

Four times Silver medal in World Championships: USA 2007, USA 2008, USA 2010, GERMANY 2011

All Canada Kickboxing Champion, and record-holder for fastest knock out in national selection team history: Montreal 2011

World Champion and the best technical fighter: CANADA 2002

Bronze medal in World championship: BELGIUM 2003

Three times International Champion:  Turkey 2001, Turkmenistan 2002, and Italy 2005

Ten Times Iranian Champion in several competitions and various martial arts disciplines:  Kung Fu, Wushu, Karate, Full Contact, and Kickboxing

Black Belt 5th Degree

International ‘A’ Coaching Certificate in WKO, SKF, IKF, and WKA

International Judging Certificate from WKA & WKO

Coached students from my school in IRAN and CANADA to 3 times Provincial and National Championships.


Over the years I have been fortunate to meet many different people who inspired me and offered me their knowledge and experience.  These include:

Michael McDonald – 2 times K-1 USA Grand Champion

Master Alexander Sasha – coach of the national Russian boxing team

Master Fereitz Exenberg – head judge of the WKA Kickboxing Association

Master Abolalrahama Alraeiser – Asian judging co-coordinator

Master Joe Louis – trainer to Bruce Lee and kick boxing heavy weight champion

Dan ‘The Dragon’ Wilson – 10 time world champion kick boxer and Hollywood Action Movie Superstar

As a result of my devotion to the study of martial arts, I have won many awards and championships.  The biggest reward martial arts have given me however, has been self-confidence and excellent physical health.   Now I want to share my knowledge and skill with others.  It is my hope that everyone can train in martial arts and enjoy it for self defense, and improved physical and mental fitness.

Meanwhile, I continue to train in hopes of someday winning the Olympic Gold Medal!

Mostafa Sabeti