Golden Glory Martial Arts Philosophy

Our philosophy is to slowly build up the body a little at a time with little bits of constant pressure to allow one the ability to train daily and let the body adapt to the training. The goal is to develop useable muscle with more tendon and deep muscle strength. We focus on a well-rounded type of conditioning system that will teach the student different types of strength use for specific techniques. Martial Arts training will build hand, forearm, core, and shoulder strength needed for grappling, leverages, and throws. Strength training will give the student high muscle endurance, tendon strength, ability to stay grounded, and overall body hardening. Cardio, speed, and balance training focuses on eye hand foot coordination, quickness and agility, as well as a strong heart and lungs.

Internal Vs. External

External type training is any type of training that uses the physicality of the body to train for strength. One example of this would be doing push-ups. Another example would be the beating or putting stress on a part of the body so the body adapts and hardens itself. This type of training relies on physical force to create power. Nearly all martial arts use this type of training in one form or another.

Internal training is the development of internal energy through the use of breathing and mental focus, and the use of exercises designed to create power and force without the use of external methods. This type of training can create lots of power with less physical effort to release.

Golden Glory Martial Arts Creed

Respect your country, respect the people.

Respect your Master, respect all martial arts.

Learn righteous, learn magnanimous, learn Martial Arts.

If you are able to accomplish the art, be humble.

A master of the art does not abuse his knowledge by using it wrongfully.

If a person is not a righteous person, he must not be taught even if he offers you ten thousand ounces of gold.

If a person is a relative, but is not righteous, they may not be taught.

If a person is a relative, and is righteous, they shall be taught.If you are able to learn the Martial Arts Fist and Staff, though it may look like a useless rock, treat it as a brick of gold.

(Translation from Doaist Monk Fung Doe Duk, 1644 A.D.)